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We are 3 Yoga teachers who are on our own healing journeys, using a mixture of ancient Eastern and modern Western practices. 


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Holly is a certified facilitator of Yoga, Breathwork and Sound Healing.


Holly grew up in a ‘new age’ household where her parents hotel was the community space for meditations, metaphysical talks and workshops. Her parents were spiritual healers and her father channeled his Native American guide. 


Despite this side of her upbringing, like most people,  she also experienced generational trauma and deep family wounding. She took a spiritual healing course in her teens, but left it on the back burner to be a fashion stylist and wander the world.

Eventually feeling something was missing from her life she has come back to her roots, exploring healing modalities in order to help heal and integrate her generational trauma and to serve others.

Holly has been living and working in Pai, Thailand for the last 4 years at Bodhi Tree Yoga guiding people through yoga, breathwork and sound healing.

O was just 3 years old when she first went to dance classes and by the age of 17 she was teaching dance and fitness. As she embraced adulthood, yoga became her central pillar.

Seeking more knowledge and spiritual growth, O embarked on multiple transformative journeys to India, immersing herself in yoga and meditation teacher training while living in Ashrams under the guidance of experienced yogic Gurus. 

During a difficult phase of her life, to help deal with immense suffering, O discovered the powerful tool of psychotherapy. This, combined with yoga brought her towards more self-awareness and healing.


This breakthrough was the catalyst for her to study psychology (Gestalt). She is now a body oriented Psychotherapist, life and spiritual coach, which she combines with Yoga to facilitate a more holistic approach. 

Harry joyfully shares the wisdom acquired from his dedicated teachers and personal practice.


Guided by the intention to inspire a life lived more profoundly through the body and the heart rather than the mind, Harry encourages students to embark on an inner journey of exploration, diving into the realms of emotions, sensations, and self-awareness.

Having completed over 500 hours of transformative Teacher Training Courses, Harry's roots in tantric hatha yoga provide a strong foundation for the teachings.


This ancient lineage has a holistic approach, honoring the connection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the practice.

Harry has been living in Pai for 6 years teaching yoga at Sawadee Yoga, He is also a singer and musician, playing in many venues in Pai and loves to be close to nature with his passion of gardening

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