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day & 5 night Retreat
Surrounded by  the beauty and serenity of lake & mountains

Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Psychotherapy Workshops, Kirtan, Ecstatic Dance, Active Meditations, Sound Healing, Community and much more.....


  • Bring more joy into your life & alleviate suffering

  • Heal from past trauma and embrace a more fulfilling life

  • Learn tools to deal with life's challenges with more ease

Our retreat is dedicated to guiding you to experience deep inner transformation, utilising a holistic approach that includes Yoga, Breathwork and Pranayama, Still and Active Meditations,  

Psychotherapy workshops (Gestalt method), Nature, Sound Healing, Kirtan, Ecstatic Dance, Journalling, and Community with sharing circles.

We are 3 compassionate Yoga teachers, each with our speciality: O is a certified Psychotherapist, Harry is a Musician and Holly is a certified Breathwork Facilitator and Sound Healer. Together we create a joyful & safe space to:

  • Face ourselves, including our shadows in order to let go of old emotions and thought patterns that have been holding you back. 


  • Use somatic practices, such as breathwork and active meditations to facilitate a deeper healing, helping you release deep trauma from your physical, energetic and emotional body.


  • Feel cared for and supported by like minded community of people on their own healing journeys, making friends along the way


  • Learn to manage and integrate difficult emotions and work with the mind to create resilience for future challenges.

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On a floating Yoga & Meditation space, surrounded by water and mountains, this is an incredibly beautiful place to slow down, quiet the mind and give ourselves deep self care of the mind, body and spirit.

  • Everyday we will start the day off with still or active meditations and yoga. Afterwards a chef from Cathouse Restaurant will prepare us a nourishing vegan lunch (vegetarian and special dietary needs are catered for)

  • Afternoons, we will have either a psychotherapy workshop or a breathwork journey, followed by group sharing or free time where you can swim, kayak or relax reading in a hammock. Always we'll have one hour silent reflection/journalling and perhaps afternoon yoga too.

  • After a lovely group dinner we will have an evening practice such as kirtan, healing circles, Tibetan/crystal bowl sound bath, ecstatic dance or movement.

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